About us

TIE FLY is a unique and original Croatian tourist-gastronomy project, which was held in 2023 for the 8th year in a row.
The event is attended by 110 car enthusiasts with over 55 luxury sports vehicles and over 50 support staff who pass through Croatian cities and regions.
TIE FLY is organized for the promotion of Croatian beauties, cities, regions, and its goal is to connect continental and maritime Croatia on the best organized trip in the world.
The purpose is to promote all of Croatia, national parks and the most beautiful roads in the world, and position Croatia on the world map as a travel destination for luxury cars and automotive tourism.
We gather high-ranking business people, company owners and managers, and through socializing and enjoying all the benefits of this event, we provide an unforgettable tourist and gastronomic experience through an impeccably organized trip.
The purpose of the project is to offer a new type of active vacation to high-paying clientele from the business world and enable them to make business connections and establish contacts within business circles.
TIE FLY proved to be the most exclusive event to date, connecting all premium segments from the automotive, hotel, gastronomy, yachting, watch and luxury clothing and footwear, beverage and cigar industries.
Over the course of 8 years, TIE FLY had more than 850 participants, domestic and foreign, and all of them were from the business world.
We are especially proud of the 2020 edition of TIE FLY because it crossed the borders of Croatia and for the first time connected two friendly countries, Croatia and neighboring Hungary!
Fifty percent of the participants in 2020 came from neighboring Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, and the start was in Budapest.
From the very beginning of the project, back in 2016, the entire project has been separated from other guests with its VIP treatment, so it is safe even in previous pandemic times.
Since TIE FLY is based on motorsport, promotes Croatia as the best automotive destination in Europe, we are proud of the world-famous company Rimac Automobili, which has been a partner of the event for two years with the world-famous car Concept 2 as well as the Never, while in 2022 we included in the project officially the Ferrari factory, Zagato as well as Tedson, all the prestigious automotive brands in the world.
All partners of TIE FLY, together with all participants, as a socially responsible project, we financially help the most needy in Croatian society as well as institutions such as hospitals and foundations through humanitarian work.
In the last 8 years, we have collected and donated over 80,000.00 Euros.
Every year, on the most beautiful and safest roads in Europe, a superb spectacle awaits us, which proves that Croatia is one of the world's top tourist destinations, and only our caravan of vehicles has the privilege of being followed all the time by the police, and that the hotel accommodation is entirely privatized only for us, that the passage through the highways is organized jointly with the highest level of safety and without stopping at toll booths, that we use private ferry lines and even more.
In 2023, the idea was to conceptually connect historical Croatia with modern, revitalization of the Croatian Zagorje, Sljemen, and connection with continental Croatian Podravina and Slavonia.
The emphasis was on visits and overnight stays in castles, lunches and dinners in theaters, and promotion of the complete cultural heritage.
In addition to the main summer event, from 2023 two more smaller events were added in spring and autumn.
With respect,
Robert Bajs – organizer